DriveLine and Monumental Sports & Entertainment Announce New Game Day Entertainment for Fans in District E courtesy of Ticketmaster

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) to enhance DriveLine’s audience experience to remain the most popular and digital-first brand.

TAMPA, Fla. – October 24, 2023 DriveLine, the smart audience solution, and Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE), America’s leading sports & entertainment family, today announced ‘Meet Me at District E’. The new campaign leverages the power of DriveLine’s distribution capabilities and targets unique demographics based on their social habits to drive fans to MSE’s new venue, District E powered by Ticketmaster, located adjacent to Capital One Arena in downtown DC.

“Our partnership with DriveLine will allow us to use audience intelligence to better understand our customers and deliver offerings to District E that delight our current fans and help us attract new visitors,” said Erin Mitchell Martin, Vice President, Venues Marketing at Monumental. Sports & Entertainment.

From NBA to NHL to concerts and more, the campaign is designed to promote the variety of sports and entertainment that MSE brings to fans throughout the DMV region; highlighting the ways teams and venues can benefit from using intelligence – improving and targeting their target audience to improve their fan experience and presence at events.

“District E with the support of Ticketmaster is a premier venue, and we are confident that our audience will support MSE’s efforts to provide great food and drink for fans, guests, and visitors,” said Peter Sayer, Chief Executive Officer of DriveLine. .

On October 26th at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET, DriveLine will host a webinar featuring “Reach Your Audience,” a firestorm of audience chats and tours designed to help marketing teams understand how to harness the power of their audience. nature in harmony. The discussion will feature Erin Mitchell Martin, Vice President, Venues Marketing at Monumental Sports & Entertainment and Askia Underwood, Chief Growth Officer of DriveLine. To register to attend, visit: RESPECT PAGE.

For more information about DriveLine and its audience insights, visit or contact us at [email protected].

About DriveLine:

DriveLine is a smart audience solution for companies and organizations that want to reach the first audience, change their audience targeting and future paid results. With DriveLine, marketers can create, target and reach the right audience on 250 million mobile devices, and gain actionable insights into their traffic and listening behavior without using any personally identifiable information.

DriveLine solves the problem of limited audience knowledge and targeting capabilities due to privacy and fenced fields, and enables businesses to reach their target audience through mobile display and video marketing. Find out more at:

About Monumental Sports & Entertainment:

Monumental Sports & Entertainment is America’s leading sports and entertainment family. Our people, players, teams, and events bring joy and happiness to millions. We invest and innovate to constantly improve the game so we can deliver amazing experiences that will inspire and connect our team, our fans, and our people. For more information, please visit

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