Drinking so many cups of tea a day could be the secret to anti-aging

Drinking so many cups of tea a day could be the secret to anti-aging


Health experts credit tea with an anti-aging secret.

Drinking three cups of tea a day could extend your life, according to a study from Sichuan University in Chengdu, China published in The Lancet Regional Health — Western Pacific.

Researchers surveyed 5,998 Britons aged 37 to 73 and 7,931 people in China aged 30 to 79 about their tea drinking habits.

They asked whether they drank black, green, yellow, or traditional Chinese oolong tea, as well as how many cups of it they drank daily.

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They also calculated each participant’s biological age by collecting body fat percentage, cholesterol and blood pressure. However, the study was just “observational,” so the researchers couldn’t prove whether drinking tea slowed down biological aging.

However, consistent tea drinkers showed signs of slower aging. Most of these people were men, also ate a healthier diet, consumed alcohol and were less likely to experience anxiety and insomnia.

Health experts credit tea with an anti-aging secret. NY Post illustration

“The exposure-response relationship suggested that consuming about three cups of tea or six to eight grams of tea leaves per day may provide the most obvious antiaging benefits,” the researchers said.

“Moderate tea consumption showed the strongest antiaging benefits among consistent tea drinkers,” they concluded.

Participants who stopped drinking tea appeared to show an increase in aging, according to the study.

Drinking tea can slow biological aging, researchers believe. Getty Images

Researchers believe that polyphenols, a bioactive substance in tea that “regulates gut bacteria,” may play a role in regulating the immune system, metabolism, and cognitive function.

They also noted that flavonoids – “a type of polyphenol that is rich in tea” – can extend life expectancy in worms, fleas and mice.

“Studies are accumulating that tea consumption may protect against age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and some types of cancer, and that tea consumption was associated with a lower risk of mortality,” they said.

The scientists studied tea drinkers in both China and the UK. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Given the evidence, they said it was “plausible” that drinking tea could delay the biological aging process in humans.

The scientists did not study whether one particular type of tea was better at anti-aging than another, although they found no “significant differences” between tea drinkers in China versus the UK.

The temperature of the tea also made no difference, and they noted that they did not ask people what size cups of tea they consumed.

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