Diversity Rounds explores social determinants of health, disability, religious diversity

Diversity Rounds explores social determinants of health, disability, religious diversity

Penn State Health Diversity Council representatives are taking action to promote diversity, equity and inclusion by hosting Workforce Diversity Grand Rounds. Here are some highlights from conferences taking place in fall 2023:

Disability Inclusion

Holy Spirit and Hampton Medical Center gave powerful presentations on disability inclusion. Bart DeLong, Chief Deputy Attorney General for the Civil Appellate Litigation Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, shares his strategies for overcoming the challenges of a disability, which include appearing confident and assertive when applying for jobs. His twin brother, Dr. Bret DeLone, vice president of medical affairs and director of surgery for quality and patient safety at Holy Spirit Medical Center, also attended the presentation.

Respecting religious diversity in end-of-life care

Leaders from across faiths share their perspectives on end-of-life care to help staff better support patients and their families in their final days. Participants gained a better understanding of patients’ individual needs and ways to provide compassionate care while respecting patients’ religious traditions. Imam Elsayed Ashour and Rubina Tareen of the Islamic Reading Center shared information about Islamic practices, Claude Azar ) provided a Jehovah’s Witness perspective, Rev. Michael Baal represented the United Church of Christ, Rabbi Brian Michelson discussed Jewish customs, and Rev. Rev. Michael Baal represented the United Church of Christ, Rabbi Brian Michelson discussed Jewish practices, and the Rev. introduced Jehovah’s Witnesses (Jehovah’s Witnesses) point of view. Thomas Orsuak explores this question from a Catholic perspective. The event was held at St. Joseph Medical Center.

January 30, 2024Penn State Health News

Several departments at Hershey Medical Center also held meetings on diversity issues.

social determinants of health

The Hershey Medical Center Finance Department looks at diversity, equity and inclusion through the lens of social determinants of health.

Robert Thomas of Thomas Consulting Group said health outcomes and life expectancy are directly affected by personal choices and factors other than genetics. Ashley Visco, director of community health for Penn State Health, described the health system’s outreach efforts to several counties in the region and how staff members joined one of the outreach task forces.

“It’s sobering to realize that disparities in mortality are related to zip code differences, but it also helps,” said Julie Nickell, vice president and chief financial officer of Hershey Medical Center, who coordinated the meeting. Identify practical interventions that can impact this reality.” .

Overcoming barriers to inclusion and diversity

Dr. Arkin Garrett, former chief of dermatology at Virginia Commonwealth University and nationally renowned Mohs surgeon, talks about growing up black in a small town in West Virginia and the challenges he faced while trying to become a doctor and how he overcame these challenges. Meeting Garrett revealed that many people who have faced racial discrimination throughout their lives have intense, often painful stories, yet demonstrate grace, courage and strength every day. PhD. Jeff Miller and Claire Hollins of the Department of Dermatology interviewed Garrett, who established two endowments for Mohs researchers and faculty.

Three people sitting at the front of the room, in front of curtains and monitors

Dr. Claire Hollins (from left) and Dr. Jeff Miller interview Dr. Alkin Garrett during the Dermatology Diversity Grand Rounds, and Penn State Health CEO Steve Matheny appears virtually. Photo credit: Dr. Shantelle Griffith, first-year dermatology resident.

Addressing the challenges of working with people with disabilities

In a session hosted by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services, Dr. Marley Doyle, associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and director of the Nebraska Center for Behavioral Health Education, discussed her work as a psychiatrist with Patients’ experiences of living together. Visual impairment. Doyle reflected on how the experience shaped her perspective on the workplace and life, and emphasized the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

Pregnancy care for women with disabilities

Dr. Anne Berndl, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, associate scientist and director of the Accessible Care Pregnancy Clinic at Sunnybrook Research Institute, discusses issues faced by pregnant women with different types of disabilities, such as paralysis, limb and spinal deficiencies and movement limitations. Berndl provides healthcare providers with strategies to help manage disability and pregnancy simultaneously. This presentation was part of the Diversity Rounds in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Plans to carry out more diversified large-round activities in 2024

The Penn State Health Diversity Committee plans to host additional diversity rounds in 2024. These education courses are open to all Penn State Health employees, and many offer continuing medical education credit.

Diversity Grand Rounds provides a forum for departments, hospitals, and other entities that are members of the Diversity Committee to share best practices and seek input on their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The committee includes representatives from all five hospitals, Penn State Health, the Shared Services Center and most clinical departments at Hershey Medical Center.

For more information, please email the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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