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FAIRMONT- The Martin County Board of Commissioners held its meeting Tuesday in closed session. As soon as the meeting opened, Commissioner Jaime Bleess asked to work with County Attorney Taylor McGowan to write and send a letter to the city of Fairmont expressing dissatisfaction with the city council’s decision on Oct. 23 regarding the rezoning request from the district. Bleess said he wants the letter presented before the Nov. 13 Fairmont City Council. Included in the discussion was a desire for the agency to hold a work session to discuss potential properties for a new public safety center on Tuesday, Nov. 14. The resolution was passed unanimously.

During the regular meeting, the board heard from County Engineer, Kevin Peyman, who shared information about the Carbon Reduction Project (CRP) agreement to purchase electric vehicles. The partnership is between Cottonwood, Brown, Jackson, Martin, Nobles and Rock.

“It is a government subsidy that has a portion that each district spends in the government and it is fixed on the projects that they want. It is a project that will reduce carbon emissions,” said Peyman.

He said that one district in the north started looking for an electric car in every district and this district has adopted the model as a way of using the money.

Peyman explained that the money was divided in two and Cottonwood County took the lead and will buy six electric cars, one for each county using the money and each county will be paid its share.

“They estimate the cost of the vehicle will be over $76,000 per county. CRP support will be about 80 percent so the local beds in each county will be $15,000,” Peyman said.

The desire to have a vehicle used by the highway department was expressed by Peyman but he said he is fine with other jobs, too.

“It would be hard to find a $15,000 car when we’re lucky,” Peyman said.

Bleess asked how the car would be paid for and how much it would cost to set it up.

Peyman said a “Slow charge” output will always be included. He said that he pays for the car every night and the question of where to park the car remains.

He acknowledged that there are obstacles, but he reiterated that the aid contributes to the cost, unlike if the government buys it on its own. Peyman also said the government won’t be paid until the car is ordered and delivered, which could take a year.

Commissioner Elliot Belgard asked to move forward with the agreement and said he wants the electric vehicle to be in the highway department. Movements passed.

In other details at Tuesday’s meeting, the board:

– Hear a presentation from Tim Murray, CEO of Trinity Sober Homes, about the Bravo Zulu House, an all-military home that will be opening in Martin County.

– Approved the hiring of Austin Meyerdirk as a full-time architect.

– Accepted the resignations of Bryant Armitage, full-time supervisor and Miranda Parrot, part-time consultant.

– Approved the hiring of Klay Brown as interim deputy corrections officer in the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

– It has been approved for a video vendor to come and explore the possibility of installing TV monitors in the jury room and courtroom.

-Approved $10,550 from Matt’s Tile Installation LLC for new carpet in the 117 N. Main office building.

– Approved $9,874 from Reichel Insulation to install insulation in the courthouse attic.

– Approved $17,499 from Johnson Controls to replace fire alarms and lighting in the Human Resources Building.

– Received an unbiased, clean audit from Amy Thomas, Audit Director of the Minnesota OSA (Office of the State Auditor).

– Heard from the Director of Planning and Zoning, Pam Flitter, regarding land changes related to mineral mining and zoning findings. A public meeting on this matter was held on Sept. 26 and on Tuesday the organization gave.

– Accepted the resignation of Planning and Zoning Specialist, Wendy Chirpich.

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