Chinese restaurants end in 2023, with failing health scores

Chinese restaurants end in 2023, with failing health scores

San Antonio – A Chinese restaurant ended 2023 with a failing health inspection score, while another business had its license temporarily revoked by inspectors.

KSAT reporter Tim Gerber takes us through the kitchen door.

golden pot

The Golden Wok, located in the 1400 block of SW Loop 410, failed a Dec. 1 health inspection with a score of 69.

A total of 22 violations occurred at the company, four of which were repeated violations.

The violations included storing food in a “hazard area” without providing cooling logs showing when the food was prepared.

Raw meat was stored in uncovered bowls on top of each other, while other meats were also stored improperly.

Workers were not washing their hands properly and the kitchen area needed to be thoroughly cleaned.

Needs to be rechecked.

El Canelo #7

El Canelo #7, located in the 3500 block of Culebra Road, received a score of 77 and is temporarily closed. Health inspectors closed the business because there was no hot water.

In addition to the problem, employees stored several cans of household pesticides near the food.

They also lacked a current food license.

Businesses were allowed to reopen after hot water was restored.

Paloma Food and Bar

The Palomar Comida and Cantina, located in the 12000 block of West Main Street, received a score of 80 on the December inspection.

Employees are told not to store prepackaged drinks and fruit in the same ice as customers’ drinks.

The knives and cutlery were put away filthy.

There were a lot of flying insects throughout the store, especially near the bar.

Several food items were expired and ice scoops were stored on the dirty surface of the ice machine.

The business has 10 days to purchase an updated license.

jim’s coffee shop

Jim’s Coffee Shop at 351 West Hildebrand continues to deal with pest issues.

The last time we went to this store in April it was 78 and they were dealing with a rodent problem.

The company’s score improved slightly to 81, but rats were still a problem in late November. Inspectors found rodent droppings and dead mice clinging to glue traps.

The business was told to resolve the issue promptly for re-inspection.

Nick’s Supermarket

Nick’s Mart, located in the 400 block of Nuevo Laredo Highway, received 86 points.

Food items that have expired in October are on sale on the shelves.

There is black material growing inside the ice machine.

Employees did not properly label food packaged in the store, and there was no hot water for employees to wash their hands before handling food.

Live and dead cockroaches were found in the walk-in cooler, but there was no food inside because the kitchen was not currently in use.

Score Guide

100-90 = A (very good to acceptable)

89-80 = B (marginally acceptable)

79 or lower = C (marginal to poor)

*Metro Health indicates a score of 69 or lower is a failing grade

Other scores from this week’s inspection (12/03-12/09)

Abby’s, 100

13623 Nacogdoches Road

————————————————– —

cheddar cheese scraper kitchen, 100

7374 S New Braunfels


McDonald’s, 100

5700 Waltham Road


panda express, 100

5738 Waltham Road


Taco Bell, 100

4242 De Zavala Road


el gallo taqueria, jalisco, 99

No. 3615 West Main Street


rustic, 98

17619 La Cantera Park


Azir Mexican Restaurant, 97

502 Nanza Zamora Street


Baby old fashioned food, 96

434 SW Military Doctor


scope, 95

125 East Houston Street


Culebra Super Meat Market, 94

Chapter 1662


Feitian Chancla Mexican Restaurant, 93

23535 current 10 watts


Ichiban steaks and Asian fusion dishes, 92

8601 Huebner Road


Havana people, 91

4614 Callahan Road


Marble Slab Creamery, 90

11745 current 10 watts

Want to know who has good grades and who has bad grades? KSAT 12 offers a new tool for this purpose.

Just click this link and you’ll be taken to a new mapping tool where we show the latest scores for San Antonio food businesses.

These reports go back six months and are updated frequently.

You can listen to Tim’s BKD report on Thursday’s Nightbeat show.


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