Business owners in Pinecone Plaza share their concerns about burglaries in the area

Business owners in Pinecone Plaza share their concerns about burglaries in the area

  • The video shows two local businesses being broken into in what they say is something growing in the area.
  • Pinecone Plaza is right off Route 202 in Tehachapi. Business owners say the break-ins are becoming more common, and they recently met with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office to ensure they have adequate security.
  • “We all have to work together,” local business owner Jamie Karschamroon told 23ABC. We are not just a small business, we are a family and we have to support each other.”


The Kern County Prosecutor’s Office hopes to get legislation on the November ballot targeting several issues in the community, including retail theft. Business owners in Pinecone Plaza off Route 202 tell 23ABC they are all too familiar with this type of crime.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a tear in my dad’s eye. And it’s not cool.”

Chris Jadric’s family owns a martial arts center in Pinecone Plaza. Over the past few years, he says they’ve had about five attempted burglaries.

“We’ve had at least two times where they’ve really come in. One time where they did a lot of damage was really bad,” Jadric said. “They broke all the windows here, entered the dressing rooms and took things from there. They broke the mirror in the bathroom. [It was] just senseless vandalism”.

He says the most recent theft was in January 2023. His parents own the Tehachapi Martial Arts Center, and he said the theft was really hard on his family.

“It made us angry, but it also made us angry. My people are old, so they’ve been through a lot,” Jadric said. “He’s sad.”

And he says, unfortunately, their business isn’t the only one being targeted.

Jamie Karschamroon, owner of J’s Hideaway, says his diner was broken into.

“We went in on Christmas Eve morning,” Karshamroon said. “Nothing was damaged, so I believe I was very kind in that way. They just took a simple staple gun that we found a few days later. They were looking for money, which of course I don’t have. end of day.”

Businesses in the Square say theft is a common problem…and Jamie says the Kern County Sheriff’s Office recently held a meeting to offer advice on security, including increased lighting and cameras.

“They gave us very good advice. So we went through and wrote down all our phone numbers,” Karshamroon said. “I started writing a mass text so that if someone sees something from this building or behind us … if you see something, say something.”

Another piece of advice, says Chris Jadric, is to always report any incidents.

“The sheriff told us that the more it gets reported, the more seriously they start looking at things,” Jadric said. “So I think it takes a bunch of people.”

This area is one of many neighborhoods in Kern County under the sheriff’s jurisdiction.

“Unfortunately, our law enforcement is so weakened that it’s hard to get them out of here,” Karschamroon said. “They’re all nice men, but they’re between Rosamond, California City, Mojave, Boron… and then to come to us, they have to go to the areas of greatest need.”

And owners need a solution to this devastating problem.

“A lot of us for our small business, it’s our life. That’s what we have left — our life savings, our dreams, our passions are all in it, so we just want to protect what we’ve got,” Karschamroon said.

Karschamroon said the Sheriff’s Office has notified businesses to properly report any incidents. According to the documents, the sheriff’s non-emergency line is (661) 861-3110, and for remote communities, you can call 1-800-861-3110. Tips can be texted to TIP411 (847-411) or made online at the website.

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