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BENTON, La. – A Bossier City man accused of killing and dismembering a co-worker says he’s not crazy and plans to expose what he calls corrupt church officials.

In addition, John Hardy identifies a man whom he accuses of murder.

The accusations are contained in two handwritten letters Hardy sent to Bossier District Judge Parker Self. Both were filed in the court records of Hardy’s case.

Hardy, 47, is charged with second-degree murder in the January 2020 death of Garrett Wilson, 48, who was reported missing. His dismembered and burned remains were found a month later on a private hunting lease near the northern community of Rocky Mount. Bossier Parish. His skull was found months later in shallow water under the Highway 160 bridge.

Hardy pleaded not guilty. Several trial dates were set but continued.

The latest delay in his trial came in August when a judge ordered a mental evaluation of Hardy. The judge appointed two psychologists to the sane panel and ordered their findings to be reported earlier this month.

A hearing was set for October 9, but no reports were filed. So, Hardy’s lawyer Dhu Thompson asked the court to continue until November 20. It’s unclear how that will affect the Jan. 8 court date.

Thompson said the reason he wanted Hardy evaluated was because he was not sane at the time of the alleged murder. He claims that Hardy lacks the mental capacity required by law to stand trial.


In his first letter to Judge Parker Self on Oct. 20, Hardy said he was in the process of getting federal agents involved in his case. He hoped the trial would be over within a year and identified two men, who have since died, who would vouch for him at trial.

Hardy identified the man he called “the gunman” and his assistant as “responsible for this nightmare.” He claims the gun found in Wilson’s truck was not sent to the crime lab.

Hardy said a “witness” in his dorm knew authorities killed Wilson. He also said he was “photoshopped” by a detective while he was in his four-wheeler — an apparent reference to the deer cameras that reportedly captured Hardy at the crime scene.

“Now, your honor, no disrespect, but if I have to subpoena you and the whole damn DA’s office, I’m going to do it by citing this court,” Hardy said.

He added: “I am not guilty of these charges and I know I am right in saying all these things. When you’re innocent, you’ll stand your ground and finally say that’s what I did. “I have nothing (to lose) because I will be killed for all this, so I will do the right thing and tell everyone about this trial, including politicians and political friends.”

“Once everything is explained, you and everyone else can connect the dots and the picture will be complete,” Hardy tells the judge.

Hardy said he wants to speak at an upcoming court hearing.

Three days later, Hardy wrote another letter to Self, asking him to reconsider removing the court from this “corrupt” church. He said it was because of a witness the DA’s office planned to call to testify against him.

He identified the woman he said he was having an affair with during the “Garrett Wilson episode” and the statements he made about the accusations being “swept under the rug.” According to him, that conversation and others were caught on his living room camera.

Hardy later complained that he couldn’t have a one-on-one with his lawyer because “I’m the problem, after all.” However, Hardy claims he “turned with a handcuff wrench, 7 machine screws and a flat head screwdriver in this prison called ‘MAXIMUM’ LOL!!”

He mentions the former sheriff and other Bossier Parish murders and says he refuses to talk to this “damn corrupt (sheriff’s) office” because the man he accuses of killing Wilson has a relative who works there.


Hardy said he was in the process of getting the national news media involved in his case and offered to take a polygraph to “ensure the truth.” He said he knew it wouldn’t stand up in court, but continued to accuse detectives of “covering up the gunman.”

Hardy said he explained all this information to mental health doctors; however, she said they did not ask about her mental health. “They were more interested in my legal affairs,” Hardy said, adding that he would report them for dereliction of duty.

Hardy also said he expects to have spinal surgery in November or December, which will leave him “bedridden for life.”

She concluded the letter by saying, “PS, I’m not crazy!! You people want it to be me because you all don’t want this information to come out because it’s true and it all revolves around my work. It will make headlines. I will make sure. End.”

This is not the first time Hardy has written a judge in his case. In August 2021, she wrote a letter to Judge Mike Nerren saying she wanted to meet with him because she wanted to expose Bossier Parish politics.

He said he would take a polygraph test later, accused court officials of wrongdoing and said conversations that would help exonerate him were recorded on a living room camera.

Thompson attempted to change the venue for Hardy’s trial in August, but Self denied it.

Hardy was arrested a day after Wilson’s remains were found and a day after he was reported missing by family members. He withdrew a large amount of cash from his bank account and bought a van. A machete, knife and other items were taken from the van.

A number reader helped track down Hardy, who also placed him near the deer rental where Wilson’s remains were found. Additionally, a camera used to track deer on the property captures Hardy standing next to a burn pile. The clothes Wilson had last worn were stacked next to him.

Hardy, who worked as a Bossier City police officer and a Bossier Parish sheriff’s deputy for more than a decade, ran an air conditioning and heating business. Wilson, who used to own such a business, helped Hardy from time to time.

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