Bill Belichick was described as ‘ugly, humble, above it all’ by Skip Bayless as he responded to a Super Bowl-winning letter of appreciation to Patriots fans.

Bill Belichick was described as ‘ugly, humble, above it all’ by Skip Bayless as he responded to a Super Bowl-winning letter of appreciation to Patriots fans.

  • Bayless seemed surprised by Belichick’s sudden display of personality
  • The coach recently left the team he coached to six Super Bowls
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FOX sports analyst Skip Bayless felt that Bill Belichick’s decision to send a letter of thanks to New England Patriots fans was surprising after all the different work.

Belichick took out a full-page ad in last Sunday’s Boston Globe to thank the fans of the team he coached for 23 years.

For Bayless, speaking to his ‘Undisputed’ co-stars Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman, his expression of gratitude was a departure from his old ways.

‘There is nothing wrong. But you just wonder why it didn’t come sooner in his career,” Bayless said. Because I’ve never heard him cry like that.

‘And I was a student of Brady and Belichick. And Keyshawn, I know you know him, and I know you love him, and I know you hang out with him and have dinner with him and all that. I hear that. I don’t know him. I’m doing this remotely.

FOX Sports Skip Bayless appears to criticize Bill Belichick for being “stupid” and “arrogant”

‘But for me, from a distance, when I read this for the first time, if I can use Vanderbilt’s voice, it was very painful to the point of being a little sad, because I wanted him to give more to the fans. all those years when he proudly led the league.

‘And you know, and I know that they led this league with pride, and they had every right to do so, because they rule the league. They were strong. But he was proud, and humble, and he was above all that until now.’

This prompted a response from Johnson, who appeared to say that Bayless was taking it personally because of his reputation as a journalist.

Bayless replied: ‘I have never once criticized him for his treatment of the press. It’s just that when you lead the league in a way that is illegal and shameful, which you have the right to do, I don’t expect anything in return from the coaches as a journalist. And pride, am I telling the truth?’

Johnson said Belichick hasn’t changed since his previous jobs. For example, ‘when he was in Cleveland, [this was] its the same way. And they didn’t win in Cleveland, it was the same way. And many people would say he was a failure in Cleveland. The same way.’

Bayless then looked at why Belichick wasn’t hired by any other teams in the NFL: “That’s what I see. The last four years in New England, Bill Belichick, who you and many others consider the GOAT coach, went 29 and 38 and got to the playoffs. one in Buffalo where he gave up 47 points and couldn’t produce Josh Allen’s offense at the same time.

‘He scored every time he played the ball, either a field goal or a touchdown. And from there, they go out to hire and they go 0-for-7.

‘And it’s clear to me, and I told you this as I went, so I’m not being 20/20 here, I don’t think anyone’s going to hire him because he hasn’t done enough lately.

His co-host, Keyshawn Johnson, pushed back against Bayless’ comments as coming from where he lives
Belichick recently left the Patriots, a team he led for 23 years to six Super Bowls.

‘They didn’t do enough without Tom Brady. They haven’t done enough with today’s players, the young players.’

Johnson then accused Bayless of writing fake news before saying Belichick, “walked away from two opportunities” to become a head coach anywhere else in the league.

Belichick’s letter to the newspaper said: ‘There are no sports fans in America as passionate as New England and for 24 years, I have been blessed to hear your passion and energy.

The Patriots are the only NFL team that represents SIX countries but in reality, Patriots Nation knows no borders.

You weren’t afraid of the weather, you went to camp in extreme heat and braved the cold, wet, snowy, and freezing temperatures of Foxborough.

‘Your thoughtful letters offered support, criticism, and game ideas. You watched on TV, the Internet, and from your stadium seats.

‘You traveled from coast to coast and to other countries. More than once, you’ve gone through opposing stadiums and been the last one standing. We loved it! You gave your valuable time, resources, and energy to our team. We appreciate it!

Belichick’s open letter in the Globe was written to Patriots fans across New England

‘Six times, you filled Boston with a million in races that were really two ways of showing appreciation and love. The images of those days are burned into my memory.

‘You either enjoyed my fashion and press conferences, or you just tolerated them.

‘I loved teaching here and, together, we had some amazing experiences.


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