Big Brother star Felicia Cannon talks about farting on Cirie’s bed

Felicia Cannon has been nominated for eviction repeatedly this season Big Brother. And she still wasn’t evicted. But that streak ended on Thursday night when the 63-year-old Jag Bains real estate agent was voted out in fourth place, becoming the sixth member of the jury. Felicia had told Jag that he would use his vote to make a decision about $750,000, but had he made the right decision? We caught up with Felicia on the way to the jury house to ask her about why she kept getting nominated (and saved), what she thinks about Bowie Jane, and how she spent 96 days with the feisty Mr. B. You can watch the entire interview above or read it below.

Felicia Cannon in the 25th season of “Big Brother”.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: They told Jag he had to use his vote to make a $750,000 decision. Do you think he did the wrong thing and why?

FELICIA CANNON: I am absolutely convinced that Jag did the wrong thing. Jag should keep me and send Matt to the jury house, and I’m not saying this because I wanted to stay, but I really think he made a $750,000 mistake. Taking the risk to sit in that chair next to Matt will likely be the decision he will regret for the rest of his life.

Matt Klotz and Felicia Cannon in the 25th season of “Big Brother”.

You played eight times this season. Why do you think people kept nominating you and why did you stay?

Well, I’m not entirely sure why they kept nominating me. I think part of it was because everyone talks about the blood on their hands, and if someone’s been on the block before, they say, “Well, that person has been on the block before, so you can’t be mad at them.” .” Everyone, and in the end they have to choose someone anyway. So as long as we don’t have to put too many other people on the block and make everyone angry, we’ll be fine.”

I think I became an easy pawn, and I think because they realized that even though I didn’t like it, I handled it well and didn’t really hold a grudge – so I just became an easy target. I think I survived because I handled it well. And even though I was put on the block every time I came on the block, I tried to just be myself, just not drift off, not take on an attitude, not fuss and curse too much, just be myself to stay. I stayed true to myself and I think that’s what survived me.

And then my little faith in a mustard seed. I kept saying, “Come on, God. You brought me here. You wanted me to stay in this house for a minute, so I will continue to stay.” And I think just the fact that I believed The, My actions mattered.

Bowie Jane in the 25th season of “Big Brother”.

Are you surprised to see Bowie Jane in the final three?

I am shocked Bowie Jane featured in the final three. The whole time we were saying, “How could we let Bowie Jane get this far?” But I was allowed to applaud her. Bowie Jane never hit the block. This was a stupid thing these guys did in the end. Instead of throwing me on the block, you need to think about putting Bowie Jane there. You just gave her more ammunition for her resume!

But I think at some point they thought they would get rid of her. Then I think at some point they thought, “Well, she’s an easy target to take until the end.” What they didn’t expect, however, was that she would win two more HOHs and never reach the block. And then it’s like, “Ah, the very thing that you thought would carry her through to the end and allow you to make her an easy target to go home might be the thing that actually helps her.” “To win the game.”

Felicia Cannon in the 25th season of “Big Brother”.

What was the hardest part about playing with Mr. B for 96 days?

[Laughs] Every now and then Mr. B would get annoyed with me and say to me, “Stop it.” Or he’d say to me, “Move your microphone” or “Get a new microphone.” And it’s like, “Come on!”

Actually, Mr. B was good to me. I really have no complaints about Mr. B., because on the whole he complied with all of my requests, and did so with grace. And he usually came in a very timely manner when I said, “Okay, Mr. B., you know, I’m out of milk. I do not know what’s going on. Everyone else got what they wanted and I got this cheap tea just floating around in my cup. Can I get something? Everyone else has what they want. I’m trying to help everyone else. You have to help me.” Mr. B was always good to me. That’s probably my biggest memory of this whole experience, my relationship with Mr. B.

Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon in the 25th season of “Big Brother”.

Finally, what do you think about cutting toenails on Cirie’s bed?

I had to laugh. Well, here’s the thing: I knew that Cirie has a foot thing and doesn’t like it when people do nothing with feet on her bed. But I forgot it. This shows how comfortable we felt. It’s like, “Girl, you like my sister, I should be able to cut my toenails on the bed and you’ll be fine.”

We farted on each other’s beds. Although she got mad when I farted on hers, she farted on mine a few times. So the relationship was crazy. And yes, she made me get out of bed when she realized I was cutting my toenails and all I could do was laugh. It’s like, “I’m your sister, you should allow something like that.” That’s what sisters do.” It was funny that we were both yelling, but yeah, I knew it was irritating because she didn’t like feet at all.

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