Become a silversmith: a new business offers a unique experience in creating personalized jewelry

IDAHO FALLS — Choosing the right piece of jewelry to complete your look or style isn’t always an easy task.

But one local company wants to simplify the process — by letting you create your own custom jewelry to perfectly match your look. Stone Pony, Custom Ring Warehouse lets you choose your own gemstones and teaches you silversmithing.

The result is jewelry that is unique to each customer.

“Think about it when you walk in and leave with a one-of-a-kind piece that will last forever,” said Hannah Goulding, co-owner of The Stone Pony. “You will choose your body, setting and details. We’ll teach you how to solder it.”

Kathy Tomazin teaches with one of her staff members. | Andrea Olson,

Be your own silversmith

Goulding, along with co-owner Katie Tomazin, opened a location in downtown Idaho Falls in early October off 419 Park Ave. This is their second location.

Gem State natives hail from Blackfoot and opened their first location in January at 45 West Pacific Street in Blackfoot.

“Blackfoot is surprisingly successful with people coming from Rexburg, Twin Falls and all the way to Bear Lake,” Tomazin said.

The experience you get at The Stone Pony is practical. There’s a three-hour silver workshop where people can learn how to make whatever they want: rings, bracelets, earrings, ties, hat pins, key chains, and more. They will learn not only how to solder, but also how to measure and shape. They get a hammer and a torch to use.

IMG 2425
Hannah Goulding, left, and Katie Tomazin | Andrea Olson,

Precious stones

The most difficult part of the class may be the beginning: choosing the gemstone, because there are so many varieties and hundreds to choose from.

“We have six different types of varicite from different mines. We have probably 20 different types of turquoise. (We have) jasper, opal, all different colors of the rainbow,” Tomazin explained.

Most of the precious stones are imported. Some come from Idaho and surrounding states.

“I really like that we can say that we hand-pick every piece of jewelry in the store,” Goulding said.

Thomazin added that they use the highest quality silver. If people don’t want to wear gemstone jewelry, they don’t have to. There are options for making silver pieces.

IMG 2405
Wide range of gemstones to choose from. | Andrea Olson,
IMG 2395
Andrea Olson,

How much does it cost to go?

So how much does it cost to go to The Stone Pony?

Tomazin explained the cost of the workshop, the cost of the jewelry, and how much someone could potentially spend.

“The project has a payment. This is to save you time in the store. It’s $50,” Tomazin said. “Then you add the cost of your gemstone, most of which range from $20 to $45.”

He said some of the gems could cost more money depending on their size and rarity.

“So you have the project fee, the gem fee, and any details or enhancements you add to it. These are usually an additional $10 depending on what you choose. But there are plenty of options without adding refinements and details,” he said.

On average, for example, making a ring can cost between 75 and 100 dollars after the workshop.

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Journalist Andrea Olson made a necklace before this story to see what the experience was like.

Customers keep coming back

After the experience, Goulding and Tomazin say, it’s not uncommon for customers to come back to try on another piece of jewelry. In fact, they have regulars.

“It’s a little addictive for them because you’ll come in and make a ring and they’ll be like, ‘Now I want to make earrings. I want to make a bracelet,” Tomazin said.

Both sisters say they enjoy being part of the classes with their staff and it’s fun to interact with new people.

IMG 2276
Some of the different tools used in the workshops. | Andrea Olson,
IMG 2412
Andrea Olson,

“Meeting the new people that come in and the experience they get is also more of a joy than the finished product at the end,” Tomazin said.

Goulding said the store has something for everyone. Although the customers are mostly women, men also come in and are welcome.

“My favorite thing is when couples come in and she will make a ring and her husband will make a bracelet or necklace to match her ring,” Goulding said.

IMG 2441
Hannah Goulding teaches the workshop. | Andrea Olson,


Three workshops are offered daily, except Sundays, at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. If you are interested, click here to order.

The Stone Pony at Blackfoot can accommodate groups of one to 12 people. Businesses in Idaho Falls can accommodate groups of one to 24 people.

“If you’re looking for a great girls’ night out, team bonding, or something different than just going out to dinner and a movie, this is the place,” Tomazin added.

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