BBC Sport expert and new Newcastle United analysis – On the mark?

BBC Sport expert and new Newcastle United analysis – On the mark?

Some interesting comments from the BBC Sport pundit on Newcastle United.

Chris Sutton speaks ahead of Tuesday night’s game at Villa Park.

A chance for Eddie Howe and his players to try and make it a 2-0 win at Fulham.

In pointing out to BBC Sport what he sees as the best fit for the two clubs, is Chris Sutton on the mark with his views?

Chris Sutton speaking to BBC Sport – 30 January 2024:

“I remember that game very well from the start of the season, when Newcastle won 5-1 at St James’ Park.

“Aston Villa had a bad day in the North East, Tyrone Mings was seriously injured after a big defeat, but I hope he will bounce back here.

“Newcastle had a good win against Fulham in the FA Cup on Saturday but they have lost four in a row in the league and have a poor record – Sheffield United are the only team to have picked up fewer points this season.

“Villa Park is not where you go to turn the game around, and it looks like Newcastle’s season is coming to a close because they can’t sign any players in this window.

“In fact, he only seems to want to hang out with a few people, and there are a lot of rumors about who will leave.

“Prediction: Aston Villa 3 Newcastle 1”

So what do we make of what BBC Sport said?

Well, it all seems familiar from Chris Sutton, here’s what he had to say before the NUFC game at the weekend…

Chris Sutton speaking to BBC Sport – 25 January 2024:

“What on earth is going on at Newcastle United?

“I keep reading reports that they are about to sell half of their team.

“I feel sorry for Magpies boss Eddie Howe for not having any doubts about the future of his key players.

“But I don’t see things going well for him at Craven Cottage either.

“Fulham are the type of team that can turn it on at times and will throw everything they have at Newcastle.

“Prediction: Fulham 2 Newcastle 1”

The BBC Sport pundit predicts a Newcastle United defeat and focuses on Eddie Howe who could lose his players.

It’s amazing how people who work in football, who are paid to give their ‘expert’ opinion to the media, can know so little about what’s going on.

The current situation at Newcastle United, is that if they want to sign anything in the transfer window, they have to sell a player in the first team. This is due to FFP restrictions that they cannot break, or they could end up in the same trouble that Forest and Everton (again!) are in. Newcastle don’t need to sell anyone but may decide to, if they buy. and selling (due to the added flexibility of FFP due to selling) they believe they will be in a better position.

Does Chris Sutton not know what’s going on in the January transfer window? Which is actually nothing at all. There have been very few first team arrivals at either club and what has happened, has often been on loan. I think Tottenham are still the highest so far, £26m for 21-year-old Romanian midfielder Radu Dragusin.

The rest of the ‘big six’ have done nothing in this window, as Arsenal and Man U have nothing. Man U are like last January against their FFP limit but nothing is mentioned by the media, unlike NUFC.

Likewise, The Athletic’s David Ornstein has revealed that Villa are in a worse position than Newcastle at the moment when it comes to FFP, saying they need to sell more before the end of the financial year (30 June 2024) to avoid breaking FFP rules.

Newcastle United continue to be hit with the most injured/missing players, more than any other Premier League club. That’s the problem!

Villa have done well this season but the truth is that in their last six games (all competitions), they have only won two. Last minute against second-placed Burnley and in the FA Cup against Championship side Middlesbrough with an 87th-minute goal. That goal against Boro was the only Villa score in 2024.

In comparison, Newcastle United who had nine goals in 2024, two clean sheets and only won against the top two in the Premier League – Liverpool and Man City.

Aston Villa are favorites to win tonight BUT recent form raises questions for them, both in terms of performance and results.

I think in defense and attack Newcastle United have enough to do tonight, it will come down to whether United can win the midfield battle, or not, just hold on.

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