BBC Sport commentary from the ‘neutrals’ – Newcastle United’s excitement after the win at Fulham

BBC Sport commentary from the ‘neutrals’ – Newcastle United’s excitement after the win at Fulham

It’s interesting to read the BBC Sport commentary, following Newcastle United’s FA Cup win at Fulham.

Comments from neutral people mostly say…

Much is different from what Newcastle United fans have come to expect from BBC Sport ‘neutrals’.

BBC Sport’s commentary on neutrals has previously been a series of abuses aimed at NUFC supporters.

In particular, the actions of Newcastle United’s owners and the media encouraged the piles that NUFC fans are used to, when they are criticized for who owns their club.

At this time, politics is almost non-existent.

In fact, it’s mostly about the actual football and how much interest Newcastle United fans had in the game, despite the ridiculous TV setup.

BBC Sport readers have provided comments from neutrals, Fulham fans and the odd Newcastle supporter too:

Fulham fan – very sad. All the cups were discarded within four days. Our best players are 35 years old or leaving this summer & a huge uproar between fans and owners (with good reason)! Thank you Newcastle your fans were brilliant and all the best in the next round. Safe travels home.’

‘Thank you for your good wishes. You did not replace Mitrovic. Newcastle fans, because of Ashley, will always feel sorry for the dissension with the owners.’

‘Newcastle have to go ahead because they have Saudi owners? Have fun with your laundry team.’

‘There is no special VIP seat for Alan Shearer, in the crowd and the rest of Newcastle’s support. Very good.’

‘Well done Newcastle. Nothing wrong with Fulham but the 7pm kick-off, meaning Newcastle fans don’t get home until 5am, is a real joke. Again the fans always come first in the end.’

‘No one is forcing them to go to the game, it was their choice.’

‘Give us a break, Lee Dixon. We were not noble but we were not “bad” or “very poor”. And someone tells ITV that Manquillo is not one of our injured players when he left the team.’

When Liverpool and Man U win when they’re not at 100% they get a lot of praise for not giving up and it’s a sign of a good team when you win when you don’t play well, but at Newcastle it failed and the first goal was difficult. , I mean really? If you want to argue, go see our punishment in Paris. Give me a break BBC, biased as always.’

‘The first goal was not controversial at all, with the current rules of handball it was not even a chance to be removed.’

“Newcastle defended very well, they took their chances, because their recent result of 0-2 is very good. Although Dixon complained about how poor they were, most teams would be happy with a clean sheet and progress.”

‘Newcastle were good, giving the ball away all the time. But, I worked hard and got results in the end.’

‘Let’s be honest here. This is always going to be a very distant game for Fulham. A strong effort against Liverpool always means we rest key players tonight. Against all odds the Newcastle team can only see one result. We need to invest more if we want to compete in the top three next season. Well done to Newcastle…great club and fans.’

‘I thought Lee Dixon was going to start crying at one point in the game.’

“It’s done well for Newcastle for facing the challenges of being away from a Premier League team.

ITV did everything they could to destroy it through their unflattering and biased commentary.

I don’t know what is wrong with Dixons. Is it true that Arsenal were beaten or is it that Newcastle have only lost twice in 23 games against London clubs. ITV should not be allowed to broadcast football. What a pity.’

‘One would think that if we have Pope and Barnes and Joelinton and Willock and Wilson and Anderson and Almiron that we will play very well, because then we will have a team that has been doing well in the Champions League at the end of the season. of the past.’

“Unfortunately tonight shows what’s happening at my club. The lack of transfers in the summer means we don’t have depth in the team and outside the stadium the cheapest ticket is £40 which means a lot of people didn’t go. They should be ashamed of themselves. themselves and putting Newcastle fans away from Fulham at 7pm and Man City at 8pm meaning no home trains. games gone.’

‘Fulham deserved nothing in the game as they had two shots on target out of six opponents. Goals win matches, not beautiful play in the middle of the game.’

‘The BBC did an article about NUFC where they didn’t say that our manager is about to be sacked and half of our team is going to be sold, I think that’s a step forward.’

‘Good for barcodes, since the greedy Serbs left us toothless.’

‘I think it’s safe to say it touched his hand. Not in an illegal way, not on purpose, the ball unexpectedly went to where his hand was, to his chest.

By the current definition in the Premier League, it’s not handball.’

‘As a West Ham fan I didn’t enjoy the game too much but the Newcastle fans were beautiful, an example to all of us.’

‘A Premier League team goes to a Premier League team and wins 2-0. ‘Workers’? Yeah, well, do one. I am a Blackpool supporter. I would love this.

‘I may not be a Newcastle fan but I am an Eddie Howe fan, doing a great job!’

Sean Longstaff Newcastle Goal Fulham


‘Why is the goal difficult? Does the BBC not know the Laws of the Game? Or is it a southern bias?’

What is the surprising headline “Worker”? There isn’t much between Fulham or Newcastle in the league at the moment, and both teams are on a bad run. I should have written “Newcastle dig deep for win” or something more appreciative.’

“A well-deserved win at Newcastle, can’t understand how Fulham keep the ball in the box against the defensive giants.”

Statistics via BBC Sport:

Fulham 0 Newcastle 2 – Saturday 27 January 2024 7pm:


Newcastle United:

Longstaff 39, Burn 61


Being was Fulham 56% Newcastle 44%

Full shot it was Fulham 14 Newcastle 8

Shooting at the target it was Fulham 2 Newcastle 6

Angles it was Fulham 10 Newcastle 5

Attendance: 18,960 (Approximately 6,000 Newcastle – Incl in home sections)

Caller: Jarred Gillett

Newcastle v Fulham Team:

Dubravka, Trippier (Krafth 86), Schar, Botman, Burn, Longstaff, Guimaraes, Miley, Murphy (Livramento 75), Isak, Gordon (Ritchie 90+4)

Not used:

Karius, Dummett, Hall, A Murphy, Parkinson, Hernes

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Newcastle United confirmed fixtures for early March 2024:

Tuesday 30 January 2024 – Aston Villa v Newcastle (8.15pm) TNT Sports

Saturday 3 February 2024 – Newcastle v Luton (3pm)

Saturday 10 February 2024 – Forest v Newcastle (5.30pm) Sky Sports

Saturday 17 February 2024 – Newcastle v Bournemouth (3pm)

Saturday 24 February 2024 – Arsenal v Newcastle (8pm) TNT Sports

(Wednesday 28 February 2024 – FA Cup fifth round will be played)

Saturday 2 March 2024 – Newcastle v Wolves (3pm)

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