Another Joe Biden co-worker says Biden is not involved in foreign business deals

Another Joe Biden co-worker says Biden is not involved in foreign business deals

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US President Joe Biden at the United Auto Workers conference in Washington on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Hunter Biden’s business partner John Robinson Walker said in a closed-door interview Friday that President Joe Biden was “never involved” in any dealings with the president’s son, according to Walker’s opening statement to CNN.

Walker is one of a growing list of Biden family business associates who have played down Republican claims about the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, including another Biden family business associate who testified behind closed doors Thursday.

The investigating committees subpoenaed Walker for testimony in November, who claimed he might know whether the president’s family was involved in business dealings.

“The opportunities we got together in business were diverse, reliable, reasonable and within the scope of legal business activity. “To be clear, President Biden has never been involved in any of our business activities while in office or as a private citizen,” Walker said in an opening statement.

“Any statement to the contrary is simply false,” Walker said. “Hunter made sure that there was always a clear line between any business and his father. Always. And as his partner, I always understood and respected this boundary.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told reporters that Walker also discussed his relationship with Joe Biden shortly after he left office in 2017. Walker testified to the FBI in 2020 that shortly after Joe Biden left office, Hunter Biden was seen dining with foreign business associates at the Four Seasons in Washington.

“He literally sat down. I don’t even think he’s drinking water,” Walker told the FBI during a Four Seasons luncheon where Joe Biden and CEFC, a Chinese energy company, also attended.

Walker also said in a 2020 interview with the FBI that he believed Hunter Biden had been arranged for his father to attend that meeting, and that he had heard him say that he had arranged a meeting with his father, who was acting vice president at the time. the president.

But even in 2020, Walker testified, “I never, ever thought that, ah … VP is part of everything we do.”

Sitting in a closed-door interview that continued Friday, Jordan described the Four Seasons dinner interaction as “the biggest thing” she’s ever learned.

Jordan said the timing of the Four Seasons meeting was “interesting” because shortly thereafter CEFC transferred $3 million indirectly received by members of the Biden family to Biden family business associates. Republicans have zeroed in on dealings between Walker and the president’s son, but there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin told reporters that Walker repeatedly said during the interview that Joe Biden was not involved in any business dealings with Hunter Biden. He said Walker’s speech at Joe Biden’s Four Seasons meeting “lasted less than 10 minutes” and that he “didn’t order any food, didn’t drink, had a drop to say hi.”

“The futility of this investigation continues. It’s like a fishing expedition without rods, poles, lines, bait, tackle or a map,” Raskin added.

In his opening statement, Walker said he was “very concerned” that his closed-door testimony Friday could be taken “out of context” given recent accusations that Republicans misrepresented his behind-closed-doors testimony, and asked that any public statement about the interview be included. entire transcript.

Walker testified that he began working with Hunter Biden around 2008.

In a closed-door interview, Walker told reporters he planned to tell the committee “the truth.”

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