Annesha Adams reconnects with her roots and moves back home |  Lifestyle

Annesha Adams reconnects with her roots and moves back home | Lifestyle

No matter where you are in the world, home is always where your heart is. That sentiment resonated with Annesha Adams so much that, the moment she graduated from college, she packed her bags and moved to a truly special island in the Caribbean. Today, the content creator explains how returning to Jamaica changed her life for the better.

“As a family, we immigrated to Canada and have been traveling back and forth to Jamaica for over 26 years. After completing my last semester of university in 2018, I left the cold country and never looked back,” he said. Saturday life.

Adams is no stranger to travel. In fact, he has already visited the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the US Virgin Islands and various parts of Canada and the United States.

“Learning and seeing different ways of life and cultures in virtually all countries has always been fascinating to me,” he added.

But he only had the desire to travel to Jamaica. In her eyes, as they say, there’s no place like home, or as the Jamaicans put it, “nuh weh nuh betta than yard.”

“My parents have always been passionately Jamaican and have a deep love for the country, which naturally made me appreciate and love the culture. Jamaica, to me, is love and peace. I feel alive and connected spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Jamaica is my therapy and contributes positively to my mental health,” he revealed.

She recalls spending her formative years on the island and confesses that time created some of the happiest memories in her life, such as attending elementary school, “Rivers run through our backyards. There were endless amounts of fruit trees to climb and vegetables to pick and eat, along with this great sense of community among members in neighborhoods where everyone is treated like family.”

With that foundation in place, Adams continued to build even more wonderful experiences during his summer vacation visit. Three months just wasn’t enough, but he made them count, basking in the island sun and basking in the breeze and shade.

Traveling between Canada and Jamaica for 23 years, her mind was always wrapped up in these visits. So he thought maybe he should make the move. “I realized I could take control of my life and do whatever I wanted. So I chose Jamaica, the same way it chose me.”

The content creator, who has been in the role since 2015, documented her transition on YouTube and other social media platforms, much to the delight of her viewers. She took it more seriously in 2017 and has been making the rounds ever since, taking her fans through her daily life while in paradise.

“Part of my brand is helping others find things to do and places to stay in parishes across the island. So I have traveled extensively in Jamaica. However, nothing beats Manchester. Manchester provides an excellent balance of cool and warm all year round which is essential. Manchester is what I like to call a ‘suburban country’ parish.

Suburban in the sense that the houses and the lot are large. Those who reside in this parish, he says, are widely educated and well-traveled. But its rural nature has a lot to do with agriculture. “Manchester has a huge amount of greenery, crops and animals which I love. My family has pigs, cows, hens, goats, roosters and ducks, as well as fruit trees and vegetable plants on our land. It’s a great balance that I love.”

It explores various interests such as dating, shopping, apartment hunting, driving in Jamaica, delving into nightlife, comparing rural areas with cities, and provides a guide to activities, tours, stunning locations and delicious dining options. This move has put her on the map as a content creator and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My audience consists of viewers who are visiting the island for the first time and need vacation tips and travel guide videos. Those who travel here on vacation. Jamaicans living in the diaspora who keep up with current affairs and those who just love the culture,” he said.

Adams returned to Canada, but with one goal: online shopping. He hopes that Jamaica can reach the high level of the process sooner rather than later.

While she has plans to tick South Korea, Tokyo, Italy, Greece off her bucket list, her heart will always return home.

“I love everything about Jamaica. The food is the best. There is always something to do. I love the weather, I love dance music and reggae, I love Patois and country life. Partying in Jamaica is of high quality. I love so much [people] he believed in God. Jamaicans are unapologetically themselves. They are confident in who they are and that is what makes Jamaica and Jamaicans stand out around the world.”

For those looking to settle in a new country, Adams advises to follow your heart, “Life is about experiences, so live them. Prepare before going to new territory, but make your dreams come true.”

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