3 Ways You Could Be Wasting Your Money on Beauty Products

3 Ways You Could Be Wasting Your Money on Beauty Products

If you’re someone who prioritizes beauty products on your budget, you’re not alone. Data from Advanced Dermatology reveals that the average American spends $722 per year on their appearance. And depending on your personal collection of products, your credit card tab for personal care could be higher.

Now, you may decide to make beauty products one of your financial priorities — after expenses like rent, car payments, and food, of course. But if you spend a fair amount on beauty products, you don’t want to waste that money. Here are some ways you can throw your money away.

1. Allowing them to expire

Just as food has the potential to harm you, so do beauty products. You may have a little wiggle room around the expiration date of something – for example, you can squeeze a few more months out of a lip gloss or face powder.

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But be careful with eye makeup. If the products go past their expiration date, they can start harboring bacteria. You don’t want things to get in your eyes.

Remember that some beauty products do not have a printed expiration date per se. Instead, there are rules of thumb to follow.

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Mascara, for example, usually only lasts four to six months. Eyeliner can last a year, just like foundation and concealer. Powdered makeup usually lasts a little longer, like one to two years. But if you have powder that starts to crumble, this is a sign that you should throw it away.

To avoid running into a situation where your products expire on you, buy yours properly. Make sure you use something before buying. And if you already have some of a given item, don’t buy more until you run out of your stash.

2. Not storing it properly

Storing your beauty products in the wrong way can cause them to spoil quickly. Generally, you want to keep the products away from heat, sunlight, and excessive moisture. So if you have a bathroom window that gets a lot of sunlight and creates a lot of heat in a corner of your counter, don’t put your products there.

Bathrooms are a common place to store beauty products. And bathrooms have a lot of moisture because you shower there. So make it a point to turn on your bathroom fan to keep the room ventilated while you shower. And if you don’t have a fan, open the window or at least leave the door open if that’s possible.

3. Sign up for subscription boxes

Beauty subscription boxes or bags can be a fun thing to subscribe to. Usually, you get a surprise assortment of products at different intervals (sometimes every month). And some of these services seem to be quite cheap. Ipsy, for example, gives you five samples per month for a fee of $14.

The problem, however, is that the products you receive may not work for you. So in that case, you are throwing money away.

Let’s say your subscription box contains a tinted moisturizer with a scent you can’t stand. Well, rubbing it on your face is probably not good. That’s a waste. Similarly, you may get a lipstick that is the wrong color for you. Again, that’s a waste.

It’s only natural to budget for beauty products. But try to avoid the vices that can cause you to drain your bank account carelessly.

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